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12 celeb couples who like to keep their relationship private

Love and celebrity may go together like a horse and carriage but in terms of wanting the world to know about the love… well that’s another issue altogether. And while we can all agree that when two superstars collide, a supernova is sure to be created, these celeb pairs may not want you to look directly at them. In this video you will truly discover all the celeb couples that would love to keep their love on lock and key, on the down low, basically none of your business. Find out why we know nothing about the love lives of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn… though chances are you could spend your time piecing together the Easter Eggs in Taylor’s songs and figure it out. And from overexposed to complete obscurity find out how former couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are now that they both have new paramours who stay way out of the spotlight. And what’s the deal with hotties Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes? We shed some light on why they prefer to keep their marriage a secret. And don’t worry we cover everyone’s fave auteur couple Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Andersons extremely underwraps union.. And yes we give you all the deets on the couple du jour, Channing Tatum and nepo baby Zoe Kravitz too hot to handle connection. So for all this and more be sure to watch “Celeb Couples Who Like To Keep Their Relationship Private”!



00:00 Intro
00:19 Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn
01:09 Tom Holland and Zendaya
01:53 Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse
02:35 Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum
03:18 Chris Martin Dakota Johnson
04:04 Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer
04:32 Emma Stone and Dave McCary
05:22 Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney
06:04 Prince William Kate Middleton
06:46 Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
07:18 Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson
07:58 Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes


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Written by: Alessandra Vite
Narrated by: @blakelylindsey
Edited by: Fabián Tapia

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