Across the Spider-Verse Trailer 2 BREAKDOWN – Every MCU easter Egg You Missed!

Across the Spider-Verse Trailer 2 BREAKDOWN – Every MCU easter Egg You Missed!

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Across the Spider-Verse is coming soon, furthering the journey of Miles Morales into the Multiverse. we break down all of the spider-people in this trailer, from Spider-man 2099 to Spider-Gwen, and even explain how the movie connects to the MCU’s Multiverse Saga.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Sean Martin, Rohail Mistry, and Brianna McLarty

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The trailer opens with Miles narrating. [clip]. Now this is of course how the original raimi films opened [who am I?]. But also, they repeated this as a gag in the first spider-verse, with every-spider-person introducing themselves with narration [clip]. Until at the end, Miles finally took over his own story [clip around 1:40].

And now he’s bragging [I’m Brooklyn’s one and only]. Which sounds like he’s rubbing in that a man died and made him the only spider-man. Not cool miles, not cool.

So we see Miles struggling to keep up with his everyday life. Juggling school, and his spider-heroics. Across the whole multiverse, there’s always 2 constants with the spider-people–a tragic backstory and a problem with their work life balance. This was the focus of the Raimi films, while the Garfield movies tended to focus on the tragic backstory element.

There’s a nod to these live action stories in the international trailer, which opens with each spider-man narrating about their own particular sacrifices and trying to prove themselves [clip]. Now this could be a hint that these guys will be featured in this movie. Tom Holland was originally going to cameo in spider-verse, but the filmmakers decided it would have been too much of a distraction.

It seems like this movie is also going to focus on the tragic backstory. I don;t want to get too much into plot speculation since we’re so close to the movie’s release. But the end of the trailer makes it seem like Miles’s father is going to die, and the other spider-people need to prevent Miles from saving him. This could be because maybe spider-man 2099 is fomr a future here his father died. Or maybe his dad’s death is the only way to stop the movie’s multiverse traveling villain, the spot. But more on him in a second.

We see the scene from the first trailer where niles gets frustrated at having to explain why he’s late [whatever, whatever…]/ notice that he is noticeably older in this movie. He’s taken on more responsibilities as spider-man, he’s getting pretty good grades, and he probably feels like he deons;t owe anyone an explanation. So his comment is kind of justified, “get the hell off my back,” to his parents.

Of course, they dont know he’s spider-man, so they have no idea what kind of extra work he’s been doing around the city, beyond delivering boxes to a roof party. Kinda funny this is a roof party, because miles could have just landed on the roof, but had to take the long way to preserve his dignity. Once again showing how he has to do a little extra work to balance his two lives.

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And then we go to the spot, using his powers to try and rob an ATM. So the spot is the most iulike;ly villain we could have in this movie, but he’s a perfect choice because we would likely never see him live action, and his powers are a fun translation to animation.

In the comics he was created by Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe. He was a scientist named Dr. Johnanathan Ohn, who worked for the kingpin. The kingpin was trying to replicate the powers of the Hero Cloak. and Cloak had a–basically magic cloak that connected to a dark dimension that was super scary, and it allowed him to teleport. It is possible that John worked for the kingpin in this reality, creating a portal to the multiverse–and much like in the comics, the work backfired and turned him into the spot.

So in the books, Ohm was trying to replicate the cloak’s powers, and he created this big black portal. He stepped through it, and found himself in a nether-space field with these dots. After going back through the portal, he was transformed, with all these dimensional portals on his body.

But he also gained the ability to create these portals that allow him to transport into different places or cross dimensional barriers. The first time he told spider-man his name he laughed at him so hard he had to rest.