Adam Warlock: 10 Differences Between MCU & Comic Book Versions

Adam Warlock: 10 Differences Between MCU & Comic Book Versions

Many many people feel as though Adam Warlock’s coming was just a bit too late. After all, some of the most important events in Marvel comics had already been adapted into live action within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it be Civil War, the House of M storyline from Wandavision, or even the couple of days of Ultron that we’ve all decided to agree counts as an age for some reason, stories from the comics have been directly transferred to the screen. While he missed some big ones, Adam Warlock has finally arrived, but did you even recognize him? There are multiple differences between the Warlock we got and the Warlock we knew. In a word? Eyebrows. Let’s take a deep look at the biggest differences between the MCU Adam Warlock, and the one from Marvel comics right now.

When James Gunn announced that the goofy kid with the eyebrows from We’re The Millers would be one of the universe’s most powerful and noble heroes, needless to say all eyes were on Will Poulter. Besides getting insanely swole, everyone was excited for this actor’s big break, but did he deliver? You decide. What I’ve decided however is that there are some large departures taken from the source material. Whether it’s his origin, his power levels, or his overall demeanor, Adam Warlock sure seems different in live action. Time will tell if this big dumb oaf is one day destined to be the savior of the universe. He’s already displayed an impressive amount of power that with some tender loving care could grow to meet his comic potential. but for now I would recognize Adam Warlock on a Netflix stand-up special before I’d recognize him as the wielder of The Infinity Gauntlet and savior of the galaxy. What do you think is the biggest difference between the comic and MCU versions of Adam warlock? Be sure to like, subscribe, and leave a comment so you can know when that piece of metal on Adam’s head actually becomes useful for something.



0:00 Intro
0:10 Infinity Saga
2:08 Soul Stone
3:34 Comedy
5:26 The Sovereign
6:48 Power Levels
8:17 Guardians of the Galaxy
9:33 The High Evolutionary
10:50 The Magus
12:06 Murder
13:15 Adam’s Cocoon

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