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America’s Most Corrupt City – Chicago ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

America’s Most Corrupt City – Chicago 🇺🇸

Chicago is known for many great things, it’s also known for having some of the most entrenched corruption in the country. Join me and First Amendment attorney Benjamin Barr as we show you some of the most outlandish and shocking examples of corruption that exists in the city.
Sources to support Benjamin’s claims:

1. Chicago public school’s awful performance:… or see Illinois Policy Institute’s analysis:….

2. Professor Simpson ranking Chicago as the most corrupt city in the nation based on the number of public corruption convictions:…

3. The City of Chicago, Office of Inspector General’s parking meter lease financial analysis:… . In the Public Interest’s short article about the same and how bad the deal was:… .

4. General Aviation News, covering the fines the City of Chicago had to pay for its illegal destruction of Meigs Field:… . True enough, Mayor Daley cited safety reasons as the need to exercise dictatorial powers to destroy the field. Most folks exercising an abuse of power will cite public safety as their need to exercise such power

5. Information on ownership of the Chicago Skyway shared between Canadian and Australian investors:… .

Some corrections from Benjamin:

  1. In my first discussion about cashless bail, I accidentally state “convicted” instead of “arrested.” I state that correctly later in the recording. Simple mix-up.
  2. Similarly, I sometimes say “Spot Shotter” instead of “Shot Spotter” as a simple conversational mistake.
  3. Apparently, I was slightly off on property taxes, as Illinois (2.05 percent) is the second worst in the nation just under New Jersey (2.21 percent).
  4. Several commenters were “shocked” or “surprised” I didn’t mention x person or y story. There’s only so much time and space to discuss many examples of corruption.
  5. Several old school Chicagoans complained I pronounced Pulaski incorrectly. I employ ordinary English pronounced in an ordinary accent when speaking.