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ANDOR EPISODE 4: 12 Things You Missed and Star Wars Easter Eggs!

Andor’s fourth episode is upon us, and the plot continues to thicken. As Cassian joins a rebel cell, we truly see the foundations of the rebellion as a whole, both in-universe and in its historical roots. Character revelations are abundant in this episode as well! We get to see Mon Mothma struggle to supply the alliance with funding through the iron grip of the imperial bourgeoise, and we’re also given a glimpse into Luthen’s true identity. In this video, we’ll take a deeper look into the prospective character arcs this season, particularly for Cassian and Luthen and how they parallel fan-favorite Star Wars characters like Jyn Erso and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Plus, we get to point out some new anachronisms introduced in this episode and discuss whether or not the complaints surrounding them have any legitimacy. Although let’s be real it’s Star Wars. The complaints are almost never legitimate.




0:00 – Intro
0:22 – B2 Is Iconic
0:41 – Fractured Factions
1:16 – Blue Crystal
2:05 – Coruscant
2:37 – Clem
3:26 – Goats
3:41 – The People’s Blaster
4:53 – K2SO Begins?
6:01 – Mon Mothma
6:50 – Artifacts
7:35 – Luthan & Thrawn
9:07 – Andor & Erso

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Written by: Joshua Clinton
Narrated by: Chris Goodmakers
Edited by: Chris Goodmakers

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