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Asking Digital Nomads What They Do For A Living (Bali, Indonesia)

Asking Digital Nomads What They Do For A Living (Bali, Indonesia)

In this video, I traveled across the world to one of the biggest hotspots for digital nomads in Bali, Indonesia. I got to ask strangers a bunch of questions about what they do for a living, how much money they make, advice for others, and a bunch of other spicy questions about the lifestyle costs in Bali, business, and philosophy.

I’ve always wondered what types of people are working online in Bali, so make sure you watch the entire video because I was able to find a lot of really cool people with very interesting income streams and businesses!

I hope this video inspires you if you’re looking to become a digital nomad and make money online! My goal is to motivate you guys with success stories from other people that are crushing it, so that you can learn from their experiences and replicate their success. There is so much opportunity out there and money is flowing all around us, and I think this video proves that there are so many creative ways you can make money online nowadays.

I think being a “passport bro” and having complete location and time freedom is the best lifestyle possible – and I was truly inspired getting to visit Bali. We filmed this video in late July 2023, during my 3 week trip to Australia, Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, and Tokyo! We stayed for about a week in an epic Villa in Bali: Villa Atas Ombak in Seminyak!