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Avatar 2 Box Office Projections Revealed

Avatar: The Way of Water may be the most buzzed-about film remaining on 2022’s calendar, and is easily one of the most highly anticipated features in years. However, while the sequel to 2009’s Avatar will likely draw massive crowds, experts predict that it may not bring in the box office figures that the original film did.

According to financial predictions published by Variety, Avatar: The Way of Water is forecasted to generate around $649 million at the domestic box office. Additional formats will help the film to bring in even more cash, as the project is estimated to earn $425 million and $214 million from video-on-demand and streaming platforms, respectively. Just looking at the box office totals, $649 million is certainly nothing to gawk at, as it puts director James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel in a position to make a large profit, given that the film’s budget was estimated to be around $250 million. However, if this box office prediction is close to accurate, then the film will still come up significantly short of its predecessor, as the original Avatar earned $772 million during its theatrical run.


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