Bezos Chose This Man To Save Amazon – How Money Works #shorts

After launching himself to space in rocket, divorcing his wife, flexing his yacht to his new girlfriend, and putting on 20 pounds of muscle, Jeff Bezos has finally decided to leave Amazon.

This man, Andy Jassy, is the new man in charge, and he has his work cut out for them.
During the pandemic, most companies sought to play it safe, but back spending, and see what would happen to weather the storm.


Of course, also during that time, e-commerce was skyrocketing as people preferred online delivery, and in many cases it was the only option
So, Bezos decided to pour a lot of money into continuing to expand the e-commerce part of the business, which is now looking to be a bit of a bad idea.

Jassy is now tasked with cleaning up Bezos’ mess, and he’s now focused on cutting spending, breaking leases, and pulling back changes which have now resulted in some of the worst financial performances the company has faced in its history.

And sorry Andy. If you need to reach Jeff for anything, you’ll have to wait for him to get back to earth.



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