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Blonde: 21 Things You Missed

Blonde has hit Netflix and is the first NC-17 movie to ever appear on streaming! Adapted from a novel fictionalizing her life, this movie is a disturbingly personal look at the life of Marilyn Monroe and how her adoption of her stage persona consumes her life as a whole. In this video, we dissect the directorial decisions of Andrew Dominik and how they paint the world from Marilyn’s perspective. While the threesome with Charlie Chaplain Jr. and Eddie G. Robinson jr may be somewhat fictitious, we’ll find out how much of it was true and what it had to contribute to Marilyn’s pursuit of her own identity. Much like how Norma has to piece her own life together, we’ll try to piece together the film as a whole and what the erratic editing choices have to say. We’ll even talk about how the puppy at the end is played by Anda De Armas’ own doggo! Oops, sorry for the spoilers!



0:00 – Intro
0:33 – 16 MM
0:57 – Baptism by fire
1:34 – Like an old-time movie
1:56 – An eternal choke-hold
2:24 – The many faces of Marilyn
3:24 – The thin gray line
4:10 – Match-Cut
4:51 – The Geminis
6:12 – The Cuts still Match
6:50 – Stop the World, I wanna get on
7:50 – Clueless Joe
8:22 – Piecing it together
9:14 – Daddy on the Red Carpet
10:00 – Are DIamonds really a girl’s best friend
10:30 – Just some blonde
11:02 – The Nine-Month Itch
11:52 – That’s My Magda
12:35 – Third Scar’s the Charm
13:11 – Happy Birthday JFK
13:57 – A Legal Alien
14:55 – The Final Gift

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Written by: Joshua Clinton
Narrated by: Joey Criscitello
Edited by: Joey Criscitello

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