Can Ozempic And Wegovy Solve America’s Obesity Crisis?

Can Ozempic And Wegovy Solve America’s Obesity Crisis?

Can Ozempic And Wegovy Solve America's Obesity Crisis?

Pharmaceutical giant, Novo Nordisk, is now Europe’s most valuable company, worth more than its home country, Denmark’s total economy. That wasn’t always the case, and only recently, through its popular diabetes and weight-loss drugs, Ozempic and Wegovy, is it witnessing unprecedented financial success. For a century, the company predominantly focused on insulin and treating those with Type 2 diabetes. In its 2023 second quarter, the company reported a 46% increase in net profits and a 32% increase in sales compared to the same quarter the year prior. Alongside competitors like Eli Lilly the company is hoping to help treat the 1 billion people worldwide who are affected by obesity and hence transform a largely untapped market.

00:00 — Introduction
01:10 — First mover
05:34 — A century of innovation
09:26 — The potential of treating obesity
12:04 — Risks

Produced, shot and edited by: Natalie Rice
Narration by: Emily Lorsch
Animation by: Alex Wood, Christina Locopo
Senior Managing Producer: Tala Hadavi
Denmark Producer: Mary Hanan
Additional Camera: Alex Herrera, Gerry Miller, Marco Mastrorilli, ​​Angela Neil, Adam Galica, Eric Hanan
Audio by: Neil Munroe, Mark Roberts
Additional footage: CNBC International, Novo Nordisk, Getty Images, Reuters, Moderna, AP Images
Additional editorial support by: Melissa Lee

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Can Ozempic And Wegovy Solve America’s Obesity Crisis?

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