CFTC Commissioner Pushes Back Against Claims The Regulator Cannot Police Digital Markets

CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham is on a mission to provide a fair and transparent regulatory structure for today’s emerging digital asset markets.

0:00 – Being a regulator in crypto
1:25 – Examples of how Pham weighs the competing pressures
4:28 – Swaps
6:59 – Tether
8:43 – Regulation moving forward: Healthy Relationships
13:31 – The Lummis-Gillibrand Bill
15:28 – What is the most important part of the bill to you?
17:07 – National Security
19:26 – Does the CFTC have the same type of power as the FCC to effectively monitor the marketplace?
25:17 – Thoughts on how the underlying spot Bitcoin market impacts the performance of futures contracts
28:25 – Retail traders and derivatives
31:48 – Conclusion

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