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DeLorean: War, Crime & Time Machines

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The DeLorean car was made famous thanks to the Back To The Future movies, but the real company that made DeLoreans went bankrupt within just a couple of years of starting. So what happened? The crazy story of the DeLorean Motor Company involves a war, FBI agents, and a million dollar coke deal gone wrong. It’s a business story with a meteoric rise to the top and a disastrous fall to the bottom, with lots of wealth, fame, and drama along the way. Plus, a very eccentric CEO. But in true DeLorean style, to make sense of all this, we need to travel back in time… and so The DeLorean story begins with the birth of John DeLorean, in a place home to ‘the big 3’ (the biggest car manufacturers of the time). In this DeLorean documentary, we’ll go on a journey through John DeLorean’s crazy life, his rise and fall in the business world / car industry, and what the future holds for the DeLorean business.


DeLorean: War, Crime & Time Machines
The Untold Truth of DeLorean: War, Crime & Time Machines
War, Crime & Time Machines: The Ridiculous Story of DeLorean


John DeLorean and The DeLorean Motor Company – the crazy business story!

00:00 Intro to The DeLorean Story
00:44 Chapter 1: The Legend Beings
07:14 Chapter 2: The Birth of DMC
09:33 Chapter 3: The Troubles
11:51 Chapter 4: Bad Timing
14:02 Chapter 5: The Bust
15:13 Chapter 6: Actually, It’s Kinda Cool Now
17:10 Chapter 7: Back To The Future
18:42 Chapter 8: Post DeLorean DMC

Thanks for watching the INSANE story of DeLorean.

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