News Feed Plus News dOn’T SeLL YoUr TimE fOr mOnEy!!

dOn’T SeLL YoUr TimE fOr mOnEy!!

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How many times have you heard some variation of this phrase “don’t sell your time for money”. This is a finance bro way of saying don’t make money exclusively from a source where you get paid X amount of dollars for Y amount of work which is basically every job. There are various reasons given for why selling your time for money is a bad idea like you only have so many hours a day you can work, so


trading your time for money limits your potential income
trading your time for money also makes you more financially vulnerable if you are unable to work
and its really hard to sell a course on trading your time for money unless you’re a college
although maybe they don’t say that last one out loud.

The alternative to trading your time for money is usually investing, starting a business, living a wildly alternative lifestyle or some combination of all three of these things.

But I am here to tell you that while this very broad phrase might have some merit in specific situations, it’s pretty much complete bullshit and you really shouldn’t take anybody who says it too seriously.

At best the phrase “don’t sell your time for money” is just another example of hustle bros needlessly bashing on regular day jobs that provide stable living to a majority of Americans. It also perpetuates the idea that simply working a full-time job is not good enough, and that a side hustle or whole extra business is mandatory to get ahead these days.


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