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House Of The Dragon Episode 6: 12 Things You Missed


While there may have been some noticeable changes between episode 5 of House of the Dragon and episode 6, some things always stay the same, such as – political in fighting, passive aggressive comments and actions, fratricide and patricide, secret affairs and illegitimate children, Dragons doing their thing, Viserys looking like he needs a really strong drink and Daemon just being Daemon. Another thing that is similar between episode 6 and the ones that came before it is that it is packed full of easter eggs, references to Fire & Blood and hidden meanings, all of which we will comb through in this video.


These easter eggs and references will include a nod to one of the quirkiest characters created by George R. R. Martin, some of the best named characters of all time, the significance behind Viserys’ ring, what actually happened to Laena Velaryion in the book, the subtle changes Alicent has made during her time as Queen, the truth behind the Strongs and in particular Harwin and his relationship to Rhanerya, the secret Doctor Who connection you might have missed, a possible reference to another amazing HBO show, hidden meanings in particular analogies, and of course a whole boatload of dragons. This is everything you might have missed in episode 6 of House of the Dragon!

What did you make of this episode? Are you enjoying the series so far? Were there any easter eggs or references we missed? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel today for all this and more.



0:00 Intro
0:35 House Sesame
1:39 Racallio Ryndoon
2:28 Viserys’ Ring
3:12 Decor
3:54 Laena Velaryon
4:44 Harwin Strong
5:18 Keeping on with the Strongs
6:14 The Timelord’s Son
6:31 Roman Targaryen
7:07 Whole Load of Dragons
7:56 Brackens vs Blackwoods
8:39 Sailor Speak

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Max Lichtig
Edited by: Morgan Lui

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