How A Scammer Sold The Eiffel Tower Twice

How A Scammer Sold The Eiffel Tower Twice

There are some real-life historical figures who had the kinds of lives that would put pretty much any Hollywood movie to shame. Despite this, many of them have somehow dodged their very own biopic. There’s one man from the early 1900s in France who truly deserves his own movie better than the one and only Victor Lustig. He was one of the greatest con artists who ever lived. A true gentleman criminal who would be a PERFECT role for the likes of Tom Hiddleston. His most famous scheme? Selling the Eiffel Tower to befuddled businessmen who never realized it wasn’t for sale.

While that is definitely his finest crime, a story that you truly won’t believe until you hear it yourself, it is one of several schemes that he had over the years. He’d come up with plans including sleight of hand pickpocketing, bank schemes, and fooling gullible tourists who were willing to invest in anything. A few of his greatest plots included his fictional steamer trunk that could replicate any currency that was placed into it and his scam on Al Capone which largely included becoming close friends with the famous gangster. How did he manage to fool even the notoriously paranoid Capone? Well, he had ten conman commandments that he always followed so that he could run a con on anyone alive.

All of this led to his inevitable capture, but like any true genius criminal, he was able to stage a daring escape! So who was this Victor Lustig guy and what happened to him in the end?

Written by: Jordan Phillips
Edited by: Federico Rossi

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00:00 Intro
00:13 The Eiffel Tower Job
03:16 The Rumanian Box Job
04:39 The Al Capone Job
05:20 The Con Man Ten Commandments
06:58 Capture, ESCAPE…and capture again…
08:22 Outro

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