How Deepfake is Changing the Face of the World

How Deepfake is Changing the Face of the World

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Deepfake technology is all the rage right now. I’m sure that you’ve seen a video of someone impersonating the likes of Tom Cruise or Morgan Freeman. These videos have become widespread due to the quick word of mouth that deepfake had that it was fast and easy to use. The truth is that it isn’t quite that simple, but it is doable for most people who have just a little time to kill and a little passion for bringing their strange deepfake idea to life.

So how exactly does this tech work? Well, it’s an A.I. program that uses deep learning to analyze photographs and videos to overlay one face seamlessly over another face. This is a more complicated process than most people think it is.

It’s likely to completely overtake Hollywood soon. Deceased actors could be acting again, performances could be altered, and people could be edited out of movies altogether. Disney is already doing things like this but the internet has decided that deepfakes do it better.

Then there are the ways that it could completely change the news. Politicians could be replaced with deepfaked replicas or claim that they have been. This is only one way that the future could be much scarier than it is right now because of this technology. People could be scammed, identities stolen, and metaverse technology corrupted. Then there are the noble people who are using this tech for the medical and educational fields.

So what is deepfake and why is everyone so scared of it? There’s only one way to find it right now!

00:00 Intro
00:25 How does deepfake tech work?
02:36 Hollywood deepfakes
05:15 Fake news
06:58 Scams
09:01 Positive uses
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Written by: Jordan Phillips

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