News Feed Plus Entertainment How Nick Cannon Makes Time For All Of His Kids

How Nick Cannon Makes Time For All Of His Kids

Being a dad to 11 kids and with one on the way, Nick has all his plates full. From his jobs at Wild ‘n’ Out and Masked Singer to his music career and TV production projects, Nick is one busy guy. He may live an unconventional lifestyle, but he has a system and routine in place that ensures he’s being the best father he could be to his kids. So if you, like many others, are wondering how on earth Nick Cannon has time for all his kids, stay tuned. We get into how he keeps up with his kids and all their mothers’ schedules, and all Nick does to ensure he keeps up with the, which includes coaching little league, school pickups and dropoffs. But when he can’t physically be there, Mr. Cannon finds a way.
Even the holiday season is a little different in the Cannon household. Holidays aren’t easy with a family that size, but Nick, as always, makes a way. No matter what may be going on in the world or in his life, Nick Cannon will always make the time, space and energy for his family.
If you’re also wondering if he’s done having more kids, join the club, but Nick may be considering slowing down. What do you think? The more the merrier or is there ever too many? Let us know in the comments below.
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0:00 Intro
0:21 Family Tree
1:07 Maternity Shoots
1:39 It’s Scheduled
2:08 Dad Duties
2:36 No Child Support
3:00 All Open
3:29 Cannon Holidays
4:00 Not Co-Parenting
4:30 Enforcing Discipline
4:55 He’s Done
5:25 Outro

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