How The Richest City In History Collapsed?

How The Richest City In History Collapsed?

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History has seen many great cities like Athens, New York, London, Jericho, and many many more across the era of humankind. There is one city that doesn’t get nearly enough attention by the modern world. One that is largely responsible for shaping society as we know it today. One that was also the richest the world has ever seen. That would, of course, be the ancient city of Babylon as it was seen thousands of years ago.

The city of Babylon was located just south of what is now known as Baghdad, Iraq. The city rose in prominence quickly thanks to its great location next to a famous river in the area. Of course, according to them it was founded by a god-warrior who also created the entire world. Who’s to say which is true?

The city made many great advancements for humanity in the areas of law, the written word, math, astronomy, medicine, warfare, architecture, and rooftop parties.

Like all great cities in history, it could only remain on top for so long. Its entire society slowly began to crumble as new societies began to sprout up and gain notoriety around the world. These competitive forces drove down Babylon’s success and made it ripe for conquering. It inevitably was conquered…and then it was conquered again…and then a few more times after that. Now all we have left of the incredible city are the ruins of its once-great society that are still standing today and the advancements it made that are still felt today in our own society.

So what was life like in the city of Babylon, what led to its fall, and what can we learn from its story? Only one way to find out right now!

Written by: Jordan Phillips

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02:51 The Military Might of Babylon
04:10 The Sin of The King
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