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I Spent The Day With Jackie Aina in LA

I Spent The Day With Jackie Aina in LA

I Spent The Day With Jackie Aina in LA

I Spent The Day With Jackie Aina in LA is a video where I tour the home of Jackie Aina, a super successful YouTuber and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California who has built one of the biggest online empires in the beauty and fashion industry.

She is currently one of the most prominent black creators across social media and In this episode, she breaks down how she started her channel and lifestyle company Forvr Mood, from scratch. We also talk about building a business as a black Entrepreneur in America and her plans for the future. Her story is shared to inspire and teach entrepreneurs a thing or two about building a successful business, so watch this to the end.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 House Tour
01:11 Breakfast Nook
01:38 Kitchen
02:26 Family Room
03:07 Are Jackie Aina and Tayo Aina related?
03:29 What were you doing before YouTube?
03:58 My military background
04:40 How I dropped out of school to join the military
05:43 Battling with life when I started Youtube
06:25 Most memorable/challenging experiences
07:08 How I grew up in a shelter
09:24 Why I dropped out
10:05 What inspires you?
10:49 Office Tour
11:11 Forvr Mood Shopify accomplishment
12:46 How did you start Forvr mood?
13:48 What are your secrets to success in Social media?
14:30 What challenges did you face in the skincare industry?
15:07 When did you go full-time on YouTube?
18:23 Backyard
18:52 How do you balance your career and your relationship?
20:07 How do you balance breaking through the ceilings as a black person?
20:45 Your advice for building a successful career as a woman
21:59 If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?
22:34 Outro