JOHN WICK 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed

JOHN WICK 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed

JOHN WICK 4 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed. We review, recap and explain all the cool little details and references in John Wick Chapter 4. This includes the nods to Lawrence Of Arabia, the references to the other films in the franchise and what the Director and Keanu have said went into the making of this film and it’s post credits scene.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down John Wick 4. The film is packed with a number of different easter eggs and details and this scene by scene breakdown is gonna be going over it as well as the ending.

Now though you could easily think that this movie picks up right after John Wick 3 there’s actually some what of a time jump between this film and the last one. Director Chad Stahelski stated in interviews that the movie happens about 8 months after the prior film and we can see this passage of time in some of the characters and location. Wick fell off the Continental at the end of Chapter 3 but his wounds are now healed and we see that this is the case with the Bowery King too. The scarrs he suffered for betraying the high table have healed up and New York itself also indicates the passage of time as well.

Chapter 1,2 and 3 happened pretty much back to back with them all taking place roughly during the spring. New York is covered in snow for this film and we also know that the elder has been replaced since the last film. This is an important motif as it shows John that all the members are themselves operating like a hydra.