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Kim Kardashian’s Many Side Hustles

Kim Kardashian has built quite the empire for herself, and you could say she’s living out her wildest dreams. From cosmetics to fashions, to private equity and even real estate, she is the Kween of side hustles. Kim built up her net worth to over a billion dollars, from leveraging the platform she built on KUWTK into a respected businesswoman, gracing the cover of Forbes and giving entrepreneurial advice to the younger generations.

KKW Beauty was the first business Kim said was all hers, and it was the first business to bring her closer to her billion-dollar status. Now with the relaunch as SKKN by Kim, Kim is venturing into the world of skincare. Skims has also been a successful brand Kim created to solve an issue she faced herself. Kim isn’t stopping there, she’s deeply involved in the world of fashion thanks to her Balenciaga collaboration and is now starting her private equity firm, Skky Partners as a foot into the world of investing. One thing is clear, with Kim Kardashian you can’t always predict her next moves, but she’s always making them. Though this new business venture may come as a surprise to some fans, Kim has already been flexing her investment muscles in real estate since 2005.


Add that to the list of her side hustles. One thing you can count on is Kim Kardashian is always working on something, even if it may not seem like her usual. What do you think this queen of marketing is working on next? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to like, share and subscribe to The Things Celebrity for more on your favourite celeb news!


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00:20 KKW Beauty to SKKN By Kim
01:22 This Girl Is A Lawyer
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02:52 Balenciaga Babe
03:55 SKIMS Taking Over
04:19 Super Influencer
04:55 Skky’s The Limit
05:39 Real Estate Investor
06:14 She’s An Actress
06:49 It’s A Family Thing
07:19 Motivational Speaking
07:55 Kim Kardashian Hollywood
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