News Feed Plus Movie Content MaXXXine: Ti West Explains How the Film Connects to X and Pearl

MaXXXine: Ti West Explains How the Film Connects to X and Pearl

Less than a year after Ti West’s X hit theaters to the delight of horror fans, the villainous origin story Pearl is now playing in theaters and the third entry in the franchise, MaXXXine, is underway. As the trilogy unfolds, the writer-director shared how the acclaimed 2021 film was turned into a franchise so quickly and teased what its audience can expect from the third installment in the series.


In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, West discussed not only the aesthetic differences between the first two movies – with one being a slasher-ific love letter to filmmaking and the other being a Technicolor fairytale horror – but also the connections between the X star and co-writer Mia Goth’s characters in these films. Both of her characters are doing what they can to reach their dreams, become actresses and achieve Hollywood stardom, but with vastly different tactics. Most intriguingly to fans of the first two films, West teased what audiences can expect from the yet to be filmed MaXXXine.


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