Megan Fox’s Wildest Fashion Moments

Megan Fox’s Wildest Fashion Moments

Since Megan Fox burst onto the scene in 2007’s Transformers, she has changed the game for hot celebs. Seriously, that scene with her fixing her car’s engine is a scene that could launch a thousand ships. And almost fifteen years later Megan is still scolding audiences with her outrageously hot looks. This girl has yet to meet a black corset she didn’t like.

And now, with her pairing with Machine Gun Kelly, the world cannot stop staring at this outrageous duo. Sure they court it with having an engagement ring that cannot be removed without Megan cutting her finger… yeah these two put the drama in dramatic. And to match this high-octane love affair that the tabloids cannot get enough of, Megan has outfits to match. This video covers all of Megan’s most outrageous, hot, and downright wild looks. Outfits such as her fiery red debut at the MET Gala. Or her fully nude ensemble at the 2021 VMA’s. Or wearing full lingerie for running errands in New York City.
From her sensual style to her take no prisoners attitude the fashion world and cameras are literally obsessed with her. And let’s be honest, even wearing a “Corona” printed jogging suit, she is camera ready. So do not worry about Megan Fox when it comes to clothing, because this woman can eat for days.

So make sure you open a window or something because, that’s right, I am covering all the Megan Fox looks that cannot be tamed. Rawr!

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00:00 Intro Hook
00:21 2023 Grammy Look
00:51 Hot in Hot Pink
01:21 Calling Jessica Rabbit
01:56 Kourtney’s Wedding
02:37 Billboard Music Awards 2022
03:00 Matching in Pink
03:32 Back in Black
03:59 Milan Men’s Fashion Week
04:40 Coffee Run
05:06 Lingerie for days
05:26 MET Gala Debut
05:50 MTV VMAS 2021
06:11 Alexander Wang
06:32 Barbie Girl
06:49 After Photoshoot Casual
07:09 2021 Billboard Music Awards
07:31 Sweatsuit Chic
07:49 Outro

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Written by: Alessandra Vite
Narrated by: @blakelylindsey
Edited by: Carolina Jimenez

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