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Personal Finance YouTubers Have Bigger Problems Than Just FTX

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This week the worlds second largest crypto exchange, FTX, collapsed due to borderline fraudulent management and investment practices. The collapse was the largest example of such a collapse, albeit just one of many instances of fraud in the crypto community.

I think its very important that everybody with investments, even non-crypto investments understands what happened to this company and I will do my best to give you everything you need to know about this collapse, so far, because it is rapidly evolving and circumstances may have changed significantly when you watch this video.


Investors will lose billions in this collapse, and that itself is terrible, but I think it highlights a much larger issue, which is the personal finance influencers that are directly responsible for directing hundreds of thousands of their viewers to make investments that will harm their long term financial wellbeing.

I am not just talking about FTX either, yeah sure this is one incident, and maybe nobody could have seen it coming, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg and people are going to keep loosing their money because of bad advice they received on the internet.

So it’s time that people like Graham Stephan, Andre Jihk, Meet Kevin and the dozens of other influencers in the personal finance space got called out for the harm they are doing their audience.

I don’t want to start YouTube beef or anything here, I think these guys could do a lot of good for their audience if they reversed some really bad practices they have started making in recent months. Bad practices that are probably going to blow up in their face in more ways than just this FTX disaster.


So it’s time to learn How Money Works to understand what went wrong with FTX and understand how you can personally tell when someone you think you can trust on the internet is telling you to do something that is not in your best interest.


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