Ranking the Worst Actors of All Time

Ranking the Worst Actors of All Time
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We’d love to say that all of our favorite actors were perfect. However, some don’t have the shiniest background with the critics. The worst-reviewed actors can also be the ones that are most beloved by fans. Let’s take a look at the actors who the critics didn’t love and their reasoning. Plus, maybe we’ll defend them with the “fan perspective.” Ultimately, you’ll have to make your final decision on your own. After all, what do film critics actually know?

50. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf’s name carries with it a long history of method acting. In fact, he’s known for removing a tooth for his role in Fury (2014). He also got chest tattoos for when he took on a role in The Tax Collector (2020). Typically, actors just let their makeup artists handle that, but we guess that’s Shia’s choice. Nonetheless, these weird extremes have not stopped critics from thinking he is terrible. Particularly, they really didn’t like Eagle Eye (2008) and his role in Dumb and Dumber (2008).

Shia LaBeouf

49. Kristen Stewart

Let’s chat about Kristen Stewart. Critics hated her. The major criticism for her role in Twilight was her “awkward” performance and stale face. What fans argue is that this is just how the character in the books was written, therefore she was doing a great job at executing that. Nonetheless, critics still complained about her time and time again. That is until when she absolutely shined in 2021’s Spencer where Kristen played Princess Diana. Her performance was universally loved by both fans and critics alike.

Kristen Stewart

48. Sarah Jessica Parker

This one is going to be really controversial. Our apologies in advance. Sex and the City is one of those shows that you either love or hate. If you hate it, then you probably don’t care much about Sarah Jessica Parker. If you love it, then she is your entire world and inspiration. Outside of this show, though, she’s had other work that critics hated. Particularly, they hated Dudley-Do Right (1999). The movie has long been forgotten by most, but critics will probably never let how terrible it was go.

Sarah Jessica Parker

47. John Travolta

Every indie film fan is forever going to be obsessed with Pulp Fiction (1994). Thus, they will also love John Travolta for his role as Vincent Vega. Turns out, though, that film fans aren’t the same as film critics with plenty of credentials. Battlefield Earth (2000) is actually the movie that these critics tend to take issue with. It earned multiple “Razzie” awards which isn’t really a good thing at all. Whether or not this movie is a testament to John Travolta’s skills or it’s just an outlier is up for debate.

John Travolta

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