Signs That Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Are An Item

Signs That Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Are An Item

Emily and Harry were spotted locking lips in Tokyo, but could the pair’s romance be over before it’s even started? Emily and Harry were spotted out on the town locking lips and dancing the night away together in Tokyo. Now what caught fans attention was how sloppy and long the makeout sesh was. According to sources Emily has been seen with six different men in the last 7 months. From Pete Davidson to Eric Andre, even Brad Pitt to Harry himself. That being said Emily’s marriage ended in not the cleanest way. So there is a good chance the path she is currently on is a healing one. Harry’s Last relationship was for two long years with Olivia Wild. The ex couple met on set filming Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Olivia herself. However the two sadly split in November of 2022 after their film Don’t Worry Darling had received a lot of backlash. But what many people might not realize is that Olivia was the stepping stone between Harry and Emily. It turns out that Emily and Olivia are pretty decent friends. They even went to one of his concerts together in the summer of 2022. Inside sources are claiming that Olivia is furious with Emily over the kiss in Tokyo. Apparently Emily has had to beg for Olivia’s forgiveness in it all. So could this friendship blow up end the potential relationship between Emily and Harry? We’ll have to wait and see.



00:00 What went down
00:40 Fans reactions
01:51 Emily’s dating history
03:15 Harry fits the bill
04:18 Why Emily fits the bill
04:29 Harrys past relationships
04:22 Emily and Olivia
07:21 What happens next

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