News Feed Plus Movie Content Smallville’s Tom Welling Joins Supernatural Prequel Series The Winchesters

Smallville’s Tom Welling Joins Supernatural Prequel Series The Winchesters

It was announced today at the Winchesters panel at New York Comic Con that Smallville star Tom Welling would be joining the cast of the Supernatural prequel as Mary’s (Meg Donnelly) father Samuel Campbell. The actor surprised fans in attendance by coming out to celebrate the announcement in person.

Set in 1972, Welling is stepping into a role Supernatural fans may recall from the original series. The Smallville actor is confirmed to be portraying Samuel Campbell, the maternal grandfather of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), and the patriarch of their mother Mary’s family. Samuel is the grandfather Padalecki’s character is named after, and was the one who taught Mary, a young Hunter, everything she knows. The role will be a recurring one for Welling, and is described as "gruff and pragmatic, he’s a veteran Hunter who prefers actions over words—and it’s always his way or the highway." Sound familiar? Seems like Dean may have gleaned a few characteristics from his gramps.


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