SUPER MARIO BROS Breakdown | Every Easter Egg, Post Credits Scene & Nintendo Reference

SUPER MARIO BROS Breakdown | Every Easter Egg, Post Credits Scene & Nintendo Reference

SUPER MARIO BROS Breakdown | Every Easter Egg, Post Credits Scene & Things You Missed. We breakdown and explain every single easter egg in the Super Mario Bros. Movie 2023. There is so many easter, hidden details, nintendo references and callbacks to the games that we go through scene by scene and frame by frame.

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Alright so The Super Mario Bros Movie is now out digitally and after rewatching the movie, I’ve realized that, yeah uhhhh this movie is chalked full of easter eggs. So instead of doing a full scene by scene breakdown, I wanted to touch on as many easter eggs, like Mario’s hat, look at that hat, that’s one right?! **Let’s a Go!**

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Alright so this opening Bowser entrance features his flying castle fortress that was first introduced back in 2000’s Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64 console. This made a few more appearances later on, but also has some DNA from Bower’s Lava Lair that was featured in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Bowser’s army features a bevy of Koopas, as they’re cleverly separated into ranks by their shell color. Greens look to be privates, Reds are like sargents, and Blues are commanders. I’m probably getting those ranks and verbage wrong, but it’s because of what their shells are cabable of doing in Mario Kart, with green shells being the most pedestrian, red shells will track, as blue shells always hit their mark.

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