Super Mario Bros Movie: HIT or FLOP?

Super Mario Bros Movie: HIT or FLOP?


The Super Mario Bros. movie is almost here, and the internet is still divided on whether or not it’ll be good. While people have absolutely been in love with Jack Black as Bowser, Charlie DAy as Luigi, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on the quality of Chris Pratt as the Iconic Italian Plumber. And that’s definitely a hard sell since he intentionally doesn’t sound Italian. The Blue-Collar Brooklyn angle, while true to the character, is a tough act to sell for people who only grew up with the games and didn’t watch the classic Super Mario Bro. Super Show from back in the day. But despite the reservations about chucking Charles Martinet aside for Hollywood star power, there’s definitely a lot to be optimistic about. The music and sound design are on point, and there’s attention to detail for every generation of Mario fans. We’ve got the Mario Bros. plumbing commercial harkening back to the cartoon, we’ve got Yoshi’s Island, Lumas from Mario Galaxy, Rainbow-freaking-Road from Mario Kart, and the Entire Donkey Kong family (except Chunky because he’s dead). It’s definitely a sign of good faith that this movie is acknowledging more of the series’ extended history than Nintendo even deigns to in how it handles most modern Mario games. Much Like Charlie Day in Always Sunny, we’re going to assemble a conspiracy theory corkboard of why this movie might suck, and why it won’t.


0:00 From Embarrassing Beginnings
0:52 The Ultimate Disrespect
2:30 A Master at the Controls
3:30 Generations of Easter Eggs
4:21 An Epic Kong-Quest
5:54 Girlboss Glow-Up
6:46 The Voice Cast Is Fine, Actually

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Written by: Joshua Clinton
Narrated by: Max Lichtig TT: maxie_the_taxi
Edited by: G. DuKatt

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