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The Last Of Us Episode 1 Song Meaning Explained

The wait is over, the cordyceps is finally among us. The Last of Us had its premiere, "When You’re Lost In The Darkness," on HBO Max this past Sunday, and, somehow, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann managed to deliver an episode that is just as good (if not better, somehow) as the original introduction of the 2013 game. All the major elements are there and were expanded, from Sarah’s (Nico Parker) sad demise to the very dynamics of gameplay, like how the characters move between places of different make, crouching through tunnels or squeezing between walls.


Another very important element of the game was also expanded, and that is music. We’re not talking about Gustavo Santaolalla’s awesome score, mind you, but of popular music. Pop songs were always a big part of how The Last of Us managed to establish such powerful connections between player and characters, and now the HBO series is promising to also expand on that original game trait. At the end of the first episode, for example, Ellie (Bella Ramsey) cracks Joel’s (Pedro Pascal) communication code with people far from the Boston Quarantine Zone, and, as they move away from FEDRA’s walls and into the post-apocalyptic wilderness, we listen to a 1980s song with its own meaning according to the code: trouble.


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