The Mandalorian: Things You Missed in Season 3 Episodes 5-8

The Mandalorian: Things You Missed in Season 3 Episodes 5-8

The Mandalorian Season three just wrapped up, giving us space pirates, mech suits, and…Jack Black? That’s not even the most mind-blowing Easter Egg in the latest season of Pedro Pascal being everyone’s favorite dad. While Din Jarin and Bo Katan teamed up to reclaim Mandalore, they had no idea that Moff Gideon was growing clones that could use the force! References to moments throughout Star Wars’ rich history are littered throughout the season, from the climactic encounters with the Praetorian guards to Paz Vizla’s heroic sacrifice. What’s with Star Wars killing off the cool guys with laser chain-guns? There’s so much setup for the Ashoka show it’s kinda nuts. Not only did we meet Admiral Thrawn’s chief Underling, but we even saw Zeb from Rebels! He’s even voiced by Steve Blum! What was even more surprising is that Dave Filioni not only showed up in the same episode as Zeb, but he even remembered Solo! The card game featured in that movie, Sabacc, is mentioned in episode 5! Now if only we could see what a modern-day Pazaak league would look like!



0:00 Journey’s End
0:11 Sabacc to the Future
0:56 The Oldest Meme In The Book
1:29 Rebels with a Cause
2:03 Lando’s Pet Pig
2:41 The Return of The Master
3:18 A Familiar Hope
3:43 Unionized Evil
4:32 The Best Fight Scene
5:15 The Seeds of Fascism
5:58 An Expanded Evil
6:35 The Magic Hand-Thing
6:51 Machine-Gun Dad
7:26 A Special Addition
7:51 Is That How The Force Works?
8:47 Lone Mando and Baby Yoda

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Written by: Joshua Clinton
Narrated by: Max Lichtig
Edited by: Gulliver DuKat