The MCU Is Collapsing

The MCU Is Collapsing

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Marvel is collapsing, falling apart, dying—It’s doing all the things, and none of them are good. With the MCU’s Phase Four complete, it’s impressive how quickly a company can destroy itself after a decade of dominance. Let’s figure out what went wrong.

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-Time Stamps-
0:00 What’s Happening here?
04:06 The Phase Four failure
12:41 Why the MCU worked: Novelty
13:41 Why the MCU worked: A plan
14:15 Why the MCU worked: Great actors
14:52 Why the MCU worked: Great characters
15:32 Why the MCU worked: Robert Downey Jr
16:18 Why the MCU sucks now: Novelty is gone
17:15 Why the MCU sucks now: No plan
18:08 Why the MCU sucks now: Bland characters, bland actors
21:10 Blaming the fans
21:54 Where do we go from here?
23:01 Project announcements

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