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The silencing of the anti-war left in Israel | The Listening Post

The silencing of the anti-war left in Israel | The Listening Post

A special interview with journalist and human rights activist Orly Noy on the pain and loneliness of the Israeli anti-war left post October 7th.

The left-wing, anti-apartheid side of Israeli society is clearly in the minority these days. Once the October 7th attacks took place – the country was in a state of shock.
Opposing voices were largely silenced – drowned out by the calls for vengeance and the messaging coming out of the Netanyahu government.

And yet, on the fringes of Israeli public discourse, anti-war voices persist – people like Orly Noy. She is a journalist and editor working with a couple of left-wing outlets – +972 Magazine and the Hebrew language news site Local Call. She is also the chair of Israel’s foremost human rights organisation, B’TSelem.

Noy’s message – that Israeli society tacitly approves of ethnic cleansing and genocidal violence against Palestinians – does not represent mainstream public opinion. And for that reason, it is a perspective that needs to be heard – on the pain, silencing and isolation that comes with being on the political left in Israel today.

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