The Untold Truth Of The Mist

The Untold Truth Of The Mist

There’s something in "The Mist" — and there were a few things going on behind the scenes, too. This is what you might not know about Frank Darabont’s impressively upsetting sci-fi flick.

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The Mist vs. Shawshank | 0:00
A different beginning | 1:11
Maine or Louisiana? | 2:20
A new directing style | 3:02
A first choice lead | 4:11
Solid local hires | 5:11
Classic filming techniques | 6:24
The Drew Struzan appreciation station | 7:39
The ending was non-negotiable | 8:48
Stephen King loved The Mist | 10:07

Voiceover by: Alex Mitts

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