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The Wealthiest Person in Every State in America

The Wealthiest Person in Every State in America
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Being showcased in Forbes magazine is, and has always been, an honor. For ages, Forbes has been a credible source for lists of the most most influential people in the world. Today we take a look at the richest people in all 50 states who have captured a spot in one of Forbes’ most prestigious lists. This list’s top industries include finance and investment, fashion and retail, food and beverage, and the tech industry. Now let’s take a look at the nation’s wealthiest!

1. Alabama – Jimmy Rane

Jimmy Rane’s net worth amounts to around $900 million. He is the CEO of Alabama’s Great Southern Wood Preserving, which makes various lumber products such as desks and fences, among others, making the primary source of his fortune lumber. He is also popularly known as “The Yella Fella,” where his cowboy alter-ego appeared in plenty of his company’s T.V. commercials.

Alabama - Jimmy Rane

2. Alaska – Leonard Hyde and Jonathan Rubini

Leonard Hyde worked with Jonathan Rubini as a business partner in real estate. They have amassed around $300 million each and own the biggest buildings in Alaska, including the iconic J.L. Tower and the ConocoPhillips Tower. They are also in charge of the Alaskan military housing development and own several hotel chains both in and out of Alaska.

Alaska - Leonard Hyde and Jonathan Rubini

3. Arizona – Ernest Garcia II

Ernest Garcia is the richest person in Arizona, with a whopping net worth of $5.6 billion. He is currently the biggest shareholder of Carvana, an online platform that sells old cars and helps people get car loans. Carvana was founded by one of Ernest’s sons, Ernest Garcia III.  He is also the founder and CEO of DriveTime, which is one of the biggest car retailer shops in the U.S.

Arizona - Ernest Garcia II

4. Arkansas – Jim Walton

Jim Walton is the youngest son of the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton. While Walmart already boasts an impressive financial portfolio, Jim is also the Arvest Bank founder, which has around $16 billion in asset value. His net worth, you may ask? It’s $51.1 billion, which makes him the wealthiest person in Arkansas.

Arkansas - Jim Walton
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