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Top 10 countries attracting international tech talent

Top 10 countries attracting international tech talent
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The following 10 countries are attracting tech workers looking to move internationally, because they offer competitive salaries and high standards of living.

When you use your skills and expertise to land a job in another country, you can discover different cultures and travel, while maintaining your resume.

In addition to recruiting international talent and opening tech hubs in foreign countries, enterprises are increasing their efforts to recruit international tech talent. 88% of enterprise companies are looking for top tech talent outside their borders, according to a survey by global talent marketplace Andela.

The Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, for example, are attracting tech talent from abroad at a much higher rate than other countries. As compared to other major tech hubs, these countries offer competitive salaries, lower costs of living, and better work-life balance and quality of life.

Based on data from, here are the top 10 countries where people are moving for technology opportunities, along with an estimate of the annual salary for a software engineer from PayScale, and the monthly cost of living for a single person from Expatistan.

1. The Netherlands

According to EuroNews, Amsterdam is a primary hub for the rapidly growing tech industry in the Netherlands. This city is home to various innovation hubs, including Amsterdam Science Park’s Startup Village, VU Starthub, and LAB42. Notable companies such as, TomTom, Google, Canon, IBM, and Cisco have established offices in Amsterdam. Additionally, the city hosts several prominent tech events like GOTO Amsterdam, Tech Summit Europe, Codemotion, and Reach Live that bring together international tech professionals for networking opportunities. Outside of Amsterdam, other Dutch cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Eindhoven are also flourishing as tech hubs.

Salary average (Amsterdam): US$62,783

The estimated cost of living in Amsterdam is US$3,376 per month

2. Germany

Germany is experiencing a rise in the number of tech experts entering the country. For instance, Berlin has become a sought-after destination for companies looking to relocate and invest internationally, including prominent names like Volkswagen, Pfizer, and SAP who have established innovation labs there. Recently, Deutsche Bank relocated its operations and staff from Russia to their tech hub in Berlin amidst Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. Additionally, Berlin is home to a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) as well as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIC), which collaborate with renowned organizations like SAP, Siemens, and Deutsche Telekom to drive IT industries forward through innovative projects. In Germany, other vibrant tech hubs can also be found in cities such as Münich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart.

Salary average (Berlin): US$63,767

(Berlin): US$3,085 per month

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