Walking Dead: Dead City Images Show Lauren Cohan & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

This year’s New York Comic-Con marked a special final Con attendance for AMC’s original flagship series The Walking Dead. During the panel, Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple was joined by cast members to discuss their final eleventh season, coming to its 12-year conclusion this November, and The Walking Dead Universe. Not only did they share footage from this week’s upcoming episode, but stars Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who play Maggie Rhee and Negan Smith, respectively, revealed first-look photos from their Manhattan-based spinoff The Walking Dead: Dead City ahead of its 2023 premiere.


At NYCC 2022, Gimple and members of The Walking Dead’s cast came together for one last epic panel with their fans before the show’s final conclusion this November. After 11 long seasons, the final season being split into three parts, there are many unfinished stories and character arcs needing to be wrapped up. In attendance were some of Season 11’s main players including Norman Reedus, Lauren Ridloff, Eleanor Matsuura, Paola Lazaro, and Michael James Shaw. Naturally, with Cohan and Morgan present, fans were hoping for — and anticipating — some news from the pair’s spin-off series, formerly The Walking Dead: Isle of the Dead, and now titled Dead City.


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