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WEREWOLF BY NIGHT 18 Things You MISSED! Marvel Easter Eggs and Hidden Details

Who could have imagined that when Tony Stark stumbled out of a cave in Afghanistan played by Robert Downy Junior, an actor on a redemption arc we weren’t yet fully aware of, that Marvel’s experiment to place all their character licenses in one universe would work out at all much less see characters as deep catalog as Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night would get their own television special alongside the mysterious Man Thing? But by the time we got to some of the stars of Marvel’s horror monster world the romance between a woman so powerful the greatest danger appears to be letting her know it and a synthezoid that was in a hijacked body meant to be Ultron’s new indestructible self. Not only did that romance help ground Wanda and allow her to come to terms with her power, but his death at her hands and then again at anothers just because he can is what popped the cork off Wandas power and ended up subverting the will of an entire rural town in New Jersey. The three survivors of the story, Elsa Bloodstone, Man Thing, and Jack Russell, the titular Werewolf by Night bring a new stylistic entry into the MCU canon. It just so happens that all three of those characters have joined up with a Ghost Rider or two as well as Doctor Strange or Blade to form an Avengers team for Earth’s more goth themed threats. In this first foray into the horror end of Marvel, what did you see? We weren’t able to look up all the names so what were you able to find? Let us know in the comments when while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe.



0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Special Presentation
1:49 – Midnight Suns
3:02 – 30s Harmonies
3:37 – Gorr
4:13 – Jack’s Ancestry
4:55 – German Expressionism
6:07 – Cigarette Burns
6:42 – Sasquatch
7:25 – Wendigo
7:57 – Thog the Netherspawn
8:47 – Ted the Man Thing
9:55 – Man Thing Has Been Here for Years
10:20 – Ulysses the Crypt Keeper
10:57 – Tobatron
11:32 – Aunt Francis
12:04 – Dog Quirks
12:46 – Single Take
13:43 – Wizard of OZ


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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Chris Goodmakers
Edited by: Chris Goodmakers

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