News Feed Plus Movie Content Werewolf By Night 2: Michael Giacchino Has Ideas For A Marvel Sequel

Werewolf By Night 2: Michael Giacchino Has Ideas For A Marvel Sequel

Marvel Studios’ Werewolf by Night is bringing monsters into the MCU for Halloween, with a one-shot special focused on Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal), a man cursed with lycanthropy. There’s a lot to unpack in the new special, which successfully pays homage to horror classics while connecting to the bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, of course, we are all dying to know when Jack will return to the MCU and if director Michael Giacchino has any clue where these characters will go next. That’s why we talked with Giacchino about his MCU future during an interview with Collider’s own Steve Weintraub.


While Giacchino is a renowned composer, he doesn’t have many gigs as a director in his career. Werewolf By Night, however, proves Giacchino knows how to make the most of a franchise. The black-and-white special feels like a B-movie, which is the perfect setting to introduce characters such as Jack Russel, Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), and Man-Thing.


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