Why Are YouTube Ads Full Of Scams? – How Money Works

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AdSense through Google, (which also services YouTube) is the biggest advertising service on the planet a title it has held for over a decade. According to the companies 2020 filings they generated 147 billion dollars in revenue from online advertising.


This included everything from banners on websites to the ad that you watched before this video started. It’s a great business model and it finances the free google powered services that we all take for granted, I mean who here pays for their personal email?

But there is a problem with these ads that is very different from what you might see on traditional television, or on the radio, or in a newspaper (if you are still old school enough to read those).

Ads on YouTube just seem to be full of scams.

I wasn’t sure if this was just me, but a recent community poll revealed I am not alone, and I wanted to figure out why.

Whether its some hustle bro telling you how you can make a million dollars a month by day trading, or a mobile game ad that is showing gameplay that looks literally nothing like the game itself, its all very questionable.


So it’s time to learn How Money Works

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