Why BlackPink Stars Aren’t Allowed To Date

Blackpink and K-pop on the whole has taken over the world! But unlike celebs in other Genres we very rarely see any Blackpink’s mega stars in relationships or dating! Some of the reasons for this are logistics and some of the reasons are a culture of super strict rules. Regardless the dating lives of K-pop stars are the subject of speculation and intrigue even with B or C list groups and that is kicked into overdrive with a mega powerhouse group like Blackpink. The award winning, history making girl group has spent years in the charts and years on the minds of their dedicated fans and in return, those fans expect Blackpink to be equally dedicated to them. This dedication involves unspoken rules of purity and devotion especially when it come ls to their love lives and relationships, almost as if the bands were dating the fans themselves! Rumors have swirled over the years of Blackpink members like Jisoo and Jennie having secret relationships, often with other Korean stars and celebrities! Often these relationships are with other K-Pop idols from other groups causing the fans of both groups to react, sometimes aggressively. Beyond their fan reactions, Blackpink’s label YG Entertainment has signed Blackpink to a binding "No Dating" contract! Besides rare exceptions, Blackpink could be subject to fines or even suspension from their label if they are caught dating, flirting, with, or even TALKING to the opposite sex! What do YOU think about Blackpink’s rumored dating lives and the pressure they are under by the fans and their label to stay single forever?


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00:00 Intro
00:16 Crazy Schedules
00:56 Single as A Pringle
01:26 Sign on The Dotted Line
02:23 Friendzone
03:08 Tight Surveillance
03:58 Audience Backlash
04:41 Eyes on The Prize
05:19 Scandalous
06:09 Out in The Open
06:43 Under The Radar
07:32 Boycotts and Anger
08:13 Dating The Fans
08:39 Unfair Treatment
09:16 Legal Intervention
09:40 Western Influence
10:13 Outtro

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Written by: Eric M. Myrick
Narrated by: Eric M. Myrick
Edited by: Fabián T.

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