Why Countries Are Trying to Ban TikTok

Why Countries Are Trying to Ban TikTok

Who doesn’t love TikTok? Challenges, trends, filters, it’s such a fun app to play around with, right? That’s why so many young people are absolutely ADDICTED to it. And that’s no accident. TikTok’s never ending scroll of short-form videos streamed to your device and streamlined to your exact liking is what has made them maybe the most downloaded app of all time. But is it safe?

ByteDance CEO, Shou Zi Chew certainly wants us to think so. But TikTok is a Chinese app. And all Chinese companies are beholden to the will of the Chinese government. So if they come calling for TikTok’s user date, for whatever reason, they have to give it up.

The Chinese government has used social media to spy on and punish its citizens in the past. Could the sensitive data collected by the permissions granted on the app be detrimental to national security?

Shou Zi Chew has testified in front of congress and pledged to keep TikTok’s user data away from Chinese soil. Their servers are currently in Singapore and ByteDance intends to move them to the US and Norway. He’s pledged to give the safety of young people that use the app its top priority. And he’s promised full transparency. Over 150 million Americans and 5 million American businesses use TikTok. Will these changes be enough to prevent a ban in the US?

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Written by: Cory Robinson
Narrated by: Grant Kellet
Edited by: Adriano Anella

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