Celebrities Who Are Unusually Short In Real Life

Celebrities Who Are Unusually Short In Real Life
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In our masculine-ridden society, we typically look up to those in high places… but sometimes the smaller guys are just simply… the best! In Hollywood, and the entertainment industry as a whole, the short celebrities seem to often be the most fascinating and provoking.

They may physically appear a bit shorter than the competition, but these short celebrities have the looks, the brains, the talents, and the abilities to make them stand just as tall as the rest of them. Plus, and don’t quote us on this one, these celebrities always have a handful of tall friends and partners. So, in that regard, the height issue is never really a problem. Still, these short celebrities stand above the rest, even if they’re the same size, for who they are as people. Surely you know that those you love stand above all others?

Emilia Clarke – 5’2″

Emilia Clarke - 5'2

Leave it to Jason Momoa’s real wife, Lisa Bonet, to break up a cute photo of on-screen couple, Kahl Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. Played by Momoa and Emilia Clarke, respectively, Momoa stands over a foot taller than both his wife and co-star, who are both a tiny 5’2”. 

Maisie Willians – 5’1″

Maisie Willians - 5'1

Continuing on with the Game of Throne’s theme, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams played sisters Sansa and Arya Stark on the HBO hit. However, there’s a “stark” difference between their heights, in reality. Turner is a tall beauty at 5’9” while the petite Williams stands at a mere 5’1”.

Kit Harrington – 5’7″

Kit Harrington - 5'7

Just like their characters on GOT, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie actually became strong lovers themselves outside of filming George R.R. Martin’s epic. Harrington, standing at 5’7”, began dating Leslie in 2011 when the show first began filming, culminating to a 2018 marriage ceremony. 

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